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Skyglider Realtors Pvt. Ltd., is the manifestation of a dream, held dear by its founders- to infuse a glimmer of joy in the multilayered experience of life.

If you are seeking a home,
yet perplexed about where to begin the search for your first dream house;

If you are seeking a commercial space,
yet tired of your quest for the ideal location;

If you are seeking an office,
fascinated by the plenitude of fanciful properties, yet, bogged down,
understandably, by a budget

And above all, if you are seeking a taste of the finest living experience, woven into pattern with the rich art of India, served on a platter embracing

Quality, Affordability and Modernity

Take a breather and place your trust in us.
We hear you. We are here for you.


Based at Kolkata, and equipped with extensive market research and in-depth domain knowledge, we have on offer, a fleet of exquisite residential and magnificent commercial complexes, spread across the length and breadth of India, designed meticulously to address your specific needs.

Whatever your concern

Be it the location of your property, the quality of material, budget constraints, timely delivery on commitments, the after-sales service or the value addition in terms of elegance and feel – We have got you covered.

Let us take the burden of formalities off of your shoulders, while you cherish the fruition of a dream, long due.

Armed with clarity of vision and a heart, bursting with youthful energy, we are not your regular real estate developers- we wish to be remembered as life enthusiasts for generations to come.


To bestow high-quality, sustainable and affordable housing solutions, enabling all to dare to dream of owning a home, the right to own one being fundamental to human existence, and thus contribute to the process of nation-building.

Each one of our ventures is an endeavor to seamlessly combine cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art architecture with sustainability and affordability, while being reflective of the ethos of Indian tradition. With continuous innovations, rationalization and improvements in design, technology, and specifications, we are literally gliding our way through the skies to become the most trusted name in the business, rooted firmly in our vision.

our values

CSR Activities

Skyglider has instilled in the company the idea of giving back to society in whatever manner possible. They participate in a variety of socially responsible activities with their team. They believe it is their job to give back to society, and this idea pervades all they do. Their judgments have a good impact on not just their own people, but also the entire community.

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About Us

Since its incorporation two years ago, SKYGLIDER has established itself as a prominent diversified Real Estate Marketing Company in Kolkata.


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