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Customization causes delays in a high-volume project and might jeopardise the project’s overall execution and delivery timetable. As a result, this project does not allow for customisation.

Yes, the charge may be converted to carpet area. The majority of our customers find it useful to know the rate in the SUB area in order to make comparisons with comparable projects. For documentation purposes, we would include the total consideration, as well as the carpet area and the super built-up area, based on your flat’s decision.

During the lock-in time specified in the application form for the project, the Applicant / Intending Allottee cannot transfer the registration, application, or allocation to a third party. After that, if the buyer decides to transfer the apartment before taking possession, he or she may do so until the Company approves, in which case the transfer/nomination charges specified in the application may be paid.

Yes, this request can be fulfilled subject to availability and is entirely at the developer’s choice. Such adjustments are subject to current rates and any pricing differences, if any, must be paid as the case may be. After receiving clearance from the developer, customers who are taking out house loans should contact with their banker about such arrangements.

You can sell your flat to anyone who is interested in buying it by signing into a nomination agreement and paying the nomination fees before registering it. During the registration and incorporation of the conveyance document, however, the presence of all past buyers for the said unit would be required.

If you decide to cancel your application after entering into an agreement, the seller is entitled to keep the Earnest Money Deposit and repay the remainder according to the timetable specified in the sale agreement. If any interest has incurred as a result of the payment delay, it will be deducted from the return amount.

Yes, you can provide someone else Special Power of Attorney to register your property on your behalf.

You will need to sign a sales agreement, and we will register the property and enter into a deed of transfer after the project is completed and possession is offered, and all dues are paid.

Property can be purchased and owned jointly by several people. In such a circumstance, there are various legal and financial issues that must be addressed in order to avoid problems. Finance is one of the most prominent reasons for shared property ownership. People pool their money to purchase a home. The acquisition of real estate by a husband and wife is a frequent example of this. They are also eligible for a larger loan amount if their salaries are combined. Couples with different sources of income might pool their resources to purchase a property. For property purchases, a person’s name can be merged with a corporate name.

Customers are advised to reserve their preferred units in the project directly with us or through one of our authorised channel partners. Please share the following papers with us in order to continue with your application: – Application form completed and signed by the applicant (s). Payment Schedule fully completed by the applicant Application money as a Cheque (payable at Kolkata) favouring The firm name” (s). For NRIs, the check should be drawn on their NRE/NRO account or a direct transfer from their overseas account to our account in Kolkata. (To check and validate such applications, please send transaction/payment information by email, which can take up to 72 working hours.) Each candidate must submit a passport-sized colour picture. Each applicant’s PAN card/Form 60 must be self-attested (for Resident Indian).

While buying a property you always need to check on the approved layout plan, ownership related documents, approved building plan etc. You may also like to do a title and document search through the professional services of a competent advocate.




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